Week 5 Roundup

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Week 5 was an interesting one for the Hokies. There were definite highs and absolute lows but at the end of the day, the Hokies got back in the Win column.

Shai McKenzie

Quick to become a fan favorite, true freshman Shai McKenzie showed power and explosiveness in his first games back from a torn ACL in his senior season at Washington High School. Shai had just eclipsed 1 year since his injury when he went down in the second half against Western Michigan with an apparent knee injury. This definitely hurts the Running Back corps but more importantly, Shai. After fighting back from a torn ACL suffered last September, he looked to be running smoothly and the knee did not seem to slow him down. With this most recent setback, I would have to imagine that Shai takes advantage of his redshirt he didn’t use this year to take all of next season to rehab and recover from this injury so that he can come back the following season as healthy as possible. We, along with all Hokies, hope Shai has a speedy, but most importantly, a FULL recovery from this injury.


The Game

The Hokies came out hot scoring the fastest touchdown in Frank Bea-OH HOL’ UP HOL’ UP WHO FLIPPED TO THE HOKIES WUT?

Darius Fullwood Flips

Photo Courtesy of 247Sports

Photo Courtesy of 247Sports

HUGE news. Darius “Dee” Fullwood, ranked a 247Sports 3-star 89, and the #9 player in the state of Maryland flipped his commitment from Kentucky to Virginia Tech last Wednesday. Fullwood is listed as a 6’4″ 240 lb WDE by 247Sports and hails from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD. Darius represents a continued success in Maryland for the Hokies along with names like Kendall Fuller (a fellow Good Counsel grad), Melvin Keihn, and Cam Phillips joining the Hokies in recent years.

Fullwood is the first flip TO the Hokies in the 2015 cycle, and it sure is nice to be on the receiving end of a flipped commitment. As you may, or may not, recall; the Hokies have lost 2 commitments this cycle. One, Michael Barnett, who decommitted before committing to FSU, whom he eventually decommitted from to then commit to UGA. The other, Marcus Lewis. Lewis decommitted before committing to Florida, whom HE eventually decommitted from as well. YAY DECISIONS.

Oh yeah, the game.

Hey y’all, we played that football thing this weekend. That was neat, huh?


That’s right y’all, as I was writing this the Hokies secured a commitment from recently offered Fredrick Johnson. This is a HUGE pickup for the Hokies, with the Hokies snagging the 6’6.5″ 301 lb OT out of Florida. The Hokies were his 2nd official offer and locked him up just days after his official visit this past weekend. Johnson helps to fill a big position of need as the OLine has been a priority for the 2014 and now, the 2015 class for the Hokies. Fredrick joins fellow  OT Mike Arnold, also from the state of Florida, as the 2nd Offensive Tackle in the 2015 class. 

We here at the Drunken Gobbler are huge fans, HUGE FANS, of Big Uglies (especially when they come in as Offensive Linemen and not Tight Ends).  Now, I just feel like there’s something I’ve been forgetting.

Ah, of course, the game.

 Like I said, we played this sport called football this past weekend and by ‘we’ I mean the ‘Virginia Tech Hokies Football Team.’ Did we play this football game well? That’s a tough question to answer: “well” is a relative term as well. We certainly played the sport, I can say that with almost certainty. In fact, mathematically speaking, one might be able to determine that we achieved victory in this match. 

Really, really terrible joking aside, the game went okay. We got a ‘W’ but losing McKenzie for at least this season really put a damper on any positives from this game.

Quarterback Play

I would’ve really liked to have seen Brewer take a big step forward against a relatively weak opponent. He made some good throws, he made some good decisions, but he also made some mistakes. Overall, he played okay. He threw touchdown passes to a wide open Bucky Hodges and a 7 yard fade to Isaiah Ford which accounted for 2 of his 14 total completions. He threw 2 INTs, the first of which was, simply put, BAADDDDDD. It appeared he didn’t see the underneath guy when targeting Knowles and he made Brewer pay, almost returning the pick for a solid sick. His second interception was a shot to the end zone in which he slightly overthrew Isaiah Ford who, in Brewer’s defense, didn’t put up much of a fight for a ball that he could have, at the very least, knocked away if not caught. Brewer continued his trend of a few beautiful passes, a large percentage of decent decisions (i.e. throwing the ball away, stepping up and running, etc.), but then just a couple bad, bad throws. 

He gets a C.

Running Backs

The rushing attack of the Hokies was a force to be reckoned with…. in the second half, that is. The Hokies finished the game with a monstrous 308 yards rushing with Marshawn Williams breaking the 100 yard mark, going for 119 yards and Shai with a solid 87 yards and a TD on the ground before his devastating injury. However, the Hokies rushing game didn’t really take off until the second half when it seemed that Fancy Gap Frank and the Blacksburg Boys decided to make running the ball down WMU’s throat an absolute priority. 

I will give these boys an A-, attributing a decent amount of the first half struggle to the O-line. 


The defense played well. Did they play out of their minds? No. Did they go out there and do their job? Yes. They played disciplined, Virginia Tech defense and limited to the Broncos to 17 points with 7 of those points coming on a 2 yard drive by the Broncos following Brewer’s first pick. Detrick Bonner got himself a nice sliding interception while Kyshoen and Kendall collided to each prevent the other from getting a pick. 

Good, solid performance: B+

Special Teams


Alrighty then, the boys on Special Teams made their presence known very quickly when Ronny Vandyke jarred the ball loose on the opening touchdown to create the fastest Touchdown in Frank Beamer’s tenure with a lightning fast 0:08 score by Andrew Motuapuaka

Then Joey Slye missed the extra point.

But then Western Michigan snapped the ball over their punter’s head for a safety on the following drive.

Then Slye made a field goal!

But then he missed a field goal.

But hey then he made another field goal!

Yay Special Teams.

Extra points be damned, I’m happy any time we score a Special Teams Touchdown like we did, so I’ll give Slye a D, but the rest of the Special Teams gets an A+.

That’s all folks!

It was quite a week in Virginia Tech Football, with the good and the very bad, but we got a win and now it’s UNC Hate Week. Celebrate Accordingly. I will be back, hopefully tonight, with a quick preview of the week ahead. 

As always, thanks for readin’ 

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