Drunken Gobbler. An inebriated take on all things Virginia Tech.

A couple rules:

  • Don’t take me too seriously
  • Don’t throw paper airplanes in Lane Stadium
  • Don’t leave at halftime

I am a student at Virginia Tech, I created this website out of the need to continuously talk about all things Virginia Tech football and the fact that my friends and girlfriend are sick of me talking about it. If you want to get in touch with me you can tweet at me or email me at drunkengobbler@gmail.com. If you have ideas or anything you’d like from me then let me know.

Why I started this site:

It all started after the loss to FSU at home the last time we played them. I was hammmmmered talking to a guy that writes for an FSU fansite and we were shootin the shit talkin everything about our teams, the game, etc. Till eventually I was just like ‘Ya know what.. I could do that. No, ya know what? Im gonna fuckin do that’. Of course a drunk man’s promises are a sober man’s something or other.. Im sure thats close to a saying. So I thought about trying to write for The Key Play or Gobbler Country or any of those existing sites and tossed around the idea a bit. However, that didn’t give me the power that I wanted.. I wanted it to be my voice, I wanted to have complete creative control over what I said, when I said it, and who stupid/dumb/biased/drunk etc it was. So in honor of my drunken promise comes The Drunken Gobbler. Everything I write is me, all of the design work is me, all of the damn hosting fees are me. I love doing it, I’m just starting up and I’m learning as I go but I’m loving every minute of it. It’s only worth doing for my love of Virginia Tech and my love of alcohol in most every form. I dont do it for the money (I lose money), hits, or ‘fame’. If I was doing it for that then I’d be failing miserably.

So. Read up. Enjoy. Have a good day and Go Hokies.

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