So, depending on how much you stalk Twitter, you may or may not have seen the t-shirts that have been in the works for about the past month or so.

They’re finally ready and they will soon be available for purchase. However, since this is all funded by me, a young, financially insecure lad in his twenties, I can’t just make a whole bunch of shirts ahead of time without gauging the level of interest and rough number of potential customers. So! If you would like to purchase one of these lovely shirts, I would greatly appreciate if you filled out a short interest form. 

The link to the survey is right here and the shirt is pictured below. Prices will vary on number of shirts made along with a few other factors with the manufacturer. I am not selling these shirts as a means to make money and any money made (if any) will be used simply to improve this horrible site, fund more giveaways like the Christmas one, and/or buy better jokes for Twitter. 


Additionally, I will be doing some giveaways on Twitter for some of these shirts as well as some Official Drunken Gobbler T-Shirts pictured below! Follow me on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook for more information!