Ladies and Gents, in the spirit of the holidays and general, overall jubilation, I am excited to announce the first ever……………………..

Drunken Gobbler Christmas Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!


This all started last New Years Eve, as I was hammered at a (kinda douchey) DC bar, I made the drunken New Years resolution that I wanted to write about our Hokies for someone, somewhere (Anybody that would have me). I had been using my DrunkenGobbler Twitter account for a couple months by that point and started to find some people that would deal with my stupid tweets, bad jokes, and drunken rambling. A year later, I’ve graduated from the best alma mater in the world, am gainfully employed, I’ve met some great people through Twitter and the interwebs and I’m in an overall grateful mood for all of the support I’ve gotten from all of you wonderful people this past year. The people have spoken and they chose the pack of Bud Foster goodies.

Secondly, BOOM.



All the Bud Foster Lunchpail Defense goodness you need. The shirt needs no explanation and the glass, I’ve been told, is wonderful for nice, cold beer while watching Dadi and Ekanem destroy Quarterbacks.

Thirdly, How to Enter.

Obviously, the easiest way is going to be on Twitter. Two simple steps exactly like every other Twitter giveaway ever:

1. Follow me

2. Retweet this Tweet.

3. Nothing, you’re done.

Once again, thank you guys for an amazing year. I wish I wasn’t poor and could have a more exciting prize but I will hopefully have more of these in the future and be able to give back to y’all! Good luck to everybody!

These two items are sold by the Campus Emporium in support of Bud Foster’s Lunchpail Defense Scholarship Foundation. If you’d like to donate you can right here: Lunch Pail Defense Foundation.