I’m crazy hungover so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. After watching last week’s “Game” against Wake Forest, I thought for sure we were going to lose. I walked around with a rain cloud over my head all week. I listened to Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” on repeat for 7 straight days. I cried each time I saw a bowl in my kitchen. I would find the nearest small child and punch them everytime I saw a Chevrolet Cavalier. But those days are gone. The streak continues. 22 straight. 11 straight.


I woke up this morning in the midst of the Perfect Storm of hangovers with no voice and I was fine with it because our boys came to play last night.

Shouts out to CJ Reavis on that blocked punt, adding to his list of big Special Teams plays, kid is a PLAYER.

JC Coleman continued to tear it up for us carrying the ball. I’ve been so impressed with how he’s responded to this situation and helped keep us afloat on the ground.

The Defense. They held UVa to 38 yards on 35 carries. That’s incredible. That is such a dominant performance.

Michael Brewer. The Pick 6 was ugly but he delivered right when we needed him to. That last drive took guts and he was surgical.

And our savior, Bucky Hodges.

Let us all bow our heads and recite Bucky’s Prayer:

Our Bucky
Who art in Blacksburg
God’s Gift be thy name
Thy Touchdowns come
Thy Shmoney be done
At Home as it is on the Road
Give us this Touchdown, our weekly touchdown
And forgive us our overthrows
As we forgive those who try to pass against us.
And lead us not into 5-7 
but deliver us to bowl-eligibility

Thank you.

Thank you Coaches, thank you players, thank you defense, thank you fans, thank you Mike London, thank you Whit Babcock, thank you random guy I high-5ed after we scored, thank you flask for not getting taken by the gate people, thank you Whiskey manufacturers everywhere, thank you announcer that was getting super snarky last night, THANK YOU ALL.

This hard hitting analysis has been brought to you by The Hungover Gobbler.

Enjoy the win everybody, stay hydrated, eat some greasy food, that’s what I plan on doing.