Edmunds is a Hokie… again! That’s right, Trey and Terrell’s baby brother, Tremaine, has committed to the good guys making a complete set of Edmunds brothers. Virginia Tech was in a close battle with ACC-defector Maryland, Wake Forest, and USC but ultimately won out in the end. Terrell’s commitment to VT adds to an already strong legacy of siblings playing together for Virginia Tech joining the company of Xavier and Nathaniel Adibi, Derrick and Antoine Hopkins, Michael and Marcus, The Fuller bros of course, etc. You get the picture, A LOT. This trend is one for the Hokies to be proud of and really demonstrates the fact that we do it right and that Virginia Tech truly is a family (even in the literal sense of the word).

Enough about that, let’s talk turkey.


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Tremaine Edmunds is a 3-star OLB from, you guessed it, Dan River with a solid offer sheet that includes UNC, Cincinnati, and USC. Ultimately though, it was the Hokies that will have the benefit of Tremaine’s athletic services for the next 4 years. Listed at 6’ 3”, 200 lb Edmunds is every bit as athletic as his brothers and, while listed as an OLB, has a bit of flexibility in where he could be slotted for the Hokies. Edmunds brings the 2015 class to 10, 9 of which are slotted to play on the defensive side of the ball. This is in stark contrast to the 2014 class in which the Hokies benefited from a huge influx of offensive talent. So needless to say, we know good ol’ Bud is gettin’ his players. As I mentioned before, Tremaine is flexible and may play as a 6’3″-6’4″ OLB or possibly with his hand in the dirt. Hell, he may even switch to offense. With his athletic potential there are many options available for Tremaine and surely he will find his slot where he’s best suited for success. Tremaine also caps off a big recruiting month of July and gets us ready for what’s shaping up to be a big month of August recruiting.

Tremaine has been a member of the Hokie Nation for a couple years and now it is official. Welcome, Tremaine. You have officially been graced with a Drunken Gobbler Welcome.

As usual, thanks for reading y’all.

We here at The Drunken Gobbler are HUGE fans of Whit Babcock and what he has done and will continue to do for our beloved school. Whit has reinvigorated the program in just a few short months. Today, he took some time out of his schedule to answer some questions from Hokie fans using the #AskWhitVT hashtag. I took a few minutes to compile the Q&A:

What kind of changes can fans expect this season to improve the game day experience/atmosphere?

I think fans will see some streamlined/less commercialized game scripts; will be ongoing process. Entertaining, but traditional atmosphere.

Any changes to the field for the season? Paint the border? Different end zones? Maroon and Orange lines at the 20s? #AskWhitVT

Grounds crew does great job; enjoyed seeing their ideas. You’ll see some changes in paint scheme, but will keep tradition. – WB

Which game are you most looking forward to this football season? #AskWhitVT

Looking forward to W&M as my first game as AD but there’s nothing like Thursday night in Lane Stadium! – WB

What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced at Virginia Tech since you’ve arrived? #AskWhitVT

Navigating what the heck 460 Bypass and 460 Business is :) But I know my way around town now! – WB

Hey #AskWhitVT who is your favorite character on #AmericanMuscle?

Hi John! Don’t watch that one. I like Modern Family.

Whit what is your opinion on the NCAA/O’bannon and other law suits ongoing about Paying players their due? #askwhitvt

Industry is changing for the better. I’m not for a ‘pay for play’ model but am supportive of enhancing the S-A well-being. – WB

What’s your favorite place to eat in Blacksburg?

Benny Marzano’s and Bull & Bones!

Do Hokie Club members need to reserve VT vs. WVU football tix now, or will we get separate order form? #AskWhitVT

Both. You can reserve now thru http://vthoki.es/FedExTix . HC members will receive priority seating. Great rivalry renewed vs WVU – WB

Will we be seeing new football jerseys this year?? #vtclassof15

Nothing too drastic IMO. VT on all helmets. – WB

Are any changes being made to Cassell this summer in regards to lighting and sound? #askWhitVT

Yes, is looking good on sound & lights. Nothing like a loud Cassell when it’s rocking. Helps MBB, WBB, WR and VB. – WB

What was the #1 deciding factor in joining the Hokies and leaving an established athletic department? #AskWhitVT

Dream job. Home state. – WB

Then there were these 3 tweets :(

Do you like what Buzz has done with VTMBB to this point?

Very pleased with progress and recruiting. Excited for this yr.

What is the one non-conference opponent you’d really like to see come to Lane or Cassell?

Due to my past jobs, I always would enjoy competing against, and hopefully beating, Alabama and Kansas. – WB

After the indoor facility is complete, what if any, facilities projects are next on your radar? #askWhitVT

Too early to tell. Working on a facilities master plan. Love what’s been built here so far. – WB

Odds that the student section in Cassell can/will be shifted more to one or both sideline(s)?

Likely not in near term; but I like students in their current location near the visiting bench. #loudandrespectful – WB

Any chance we can see any work done on English Field to see it match up with other top fields in the nation?

It’s on our radar screen. ACC baseball is the best in the country. – WB

With VT’s recent success at Mens Lax. Any chance that turns into a varsity sport? #AskWhitVT

My son played lax in Cincy; love the sport and speed. No plans to add at this time, however our club team is excellent. – WB


So the Whit Babcock Fan Club is officially taking applications, we have personalized jackets.

I <3 you Whit!


ACC media days have come and gone once more with little more than a few tidbits of anything worthwhile. I, for one, find ACC media days to be incredibly boring. The highlight of the weekend was obviously Jimbo Fisher and his nuts and while the ACC doesn’t have Spurrier, Les Miles, Saban or Good Ol’ Bret Bielema, we do have Coach Fisher and his nuts. If, you have no idea what I’m talking about.. Jimbo Fisher puts peanuts in his Diet Coke. Which is apparently a thing in the south. Hm.

I digress.

MOVING ON to the goings on of ACC Media Days.

While this year’s edition of ACC Media Days didn’t result in Beamer Gold such as this:

BeamerPhotoBooth2 (Via @VT_Football)

It was not without story lines of its own.

First of all, Brenden Motley, POY? Yup. Think so. ALL ABOARD THE MOTLEYTRAIN FULL STEAM AHEAD NEXT STOP POY-STATION. Without further ado, here are your media selections for ACC Player of the Year.

ACC Player of the Year

  1. Jameis Winston – FSU (99)
  2. Vic Beasley – Clemson (6)
  3. Duke Johnson – Miami (1)
  4. Jamison Crowder – Duke (1)
  5. Brenden Motley – Virginia Tech (1)

With 4 voters electing not to vote.

Now, Motleygate 2014 has drawn a fair bit of criticism and deservedly so. It is absolutely LUDICROUS that Motley received a vote. Just 1. Motleytrain is a LOCK for POY. You might say “Hey DG, he’s not even won the starting position!” and to that I say phooey. Motleytrain 2014. Get on board or get run over. In all seriousness, I can’t pretend to understand the motivation behind the vote, whether it was a VT writer just tryin’ to show us some love or some random writer trying to ‘fight the man’ and illustrate how pointless of a practice voting for preseason POY is. Who the hell knows. Get on board because the Motleytrain will leave you behind.

Speaking of pointless practices, preseason Coastal predictions. Truly a practice in futility, voting for Coastal rankings might as well be writers finding newer and more interesting ways to be wrong about something. Either way, here they are.

Coastal Preseason Rankings

  1. Miami
  2. Duke
  3. Virginia Tech
  4. UNC
  5. Georgia Tech
  6. Pittsburgh

The rankings are fair enough, defending champs top 2 with the U leading the group on the shoulders of Duke Johnson. The parity really shows when you look at first place votes.

Coastal 1st place Vote Rankings

  1. Duke (33)
  2. UNC (27)
  3. Miami (26)
  4. Virginia Tech (23)
  5. Pittsburgh (2)
  6. Georgia Tech (1)

You may notice one team missing from that second list. Classic. It just goes to show that ACC writers can’t agree on hardly anything about the rankings of Coastal teams but the one thing they can agree on is that UVA is terrible. Love it.

The Atlantic rankings were a little more straight forward per usual.

Atlantic Preseason Rankings

  1. FSU
  2. Clemson
  3. Louisville
  4. Syracuse
  5. NC State
  6. Boston College
  7. Wake Forest

and of course the ACC Championship voting

ACC Championship

  1. FSU (104)
  2. Clemson (2)
  3. Virginia Tech (2)

With 4 voters electing not to vote once more.

I, for one, am glad that ACC Media Days have come and gone, just one more milestone on our journey through the offseason and my twitter feed gets BLOWN. UP. with pointless quotes of Coach-speak. So, if you have any particular thoughts on Jimbo’s nuts, Motleytrain 2014, or the ACC rankings go ahead and leave a comment. If you think you can see through the circle of suck that is the Coastal Division and predict a division winner then let me know your rankings. I just wanted to say thank you for reading, this is my first piece since I wrote 2 long pieces for GobblerCountry way back when. I’ve been really busy with my new job and am getting back in the swing of things so expect some good content leading up to the season. The offseason is almost over, we’ve almost made it.

As always you can follow me @DrunkenGobbler on twitter, and a BIG thank you for reading.