Who thought we’d be relevant in the month of March? Whit Babcock did, and Mr. Babcock made sure that happened this year with the landmark hiring of Buzz Williams coming quickly on the heels of JJ’s firing. We all felt bad for JJ because by all counts he was a great guy, but making this move makes a statement. Virginia Tech is serious about being relevant and being competitive.

Marquette fans are salty. Really salty. I don’t blame them but how good does it feel to be on the good end of this kind of news?

If you were wondering. This has been me for the past 12+ hours.

The Virginia Tech bashers have been out in full force criticizing Buzz for coming to Tech. Including Michael Hunt, or, Mike Hunt (sound it out).

Hey, Mike:


Of course, since we are Virginia Tech we can only have so much good news before some bad news is sure to show up and that comes in the form of Trevor Thompson transferring from the program. He played about 16 mins/game this year and seemed to really develop well in his first year, I thought he had a bright future for the Hokies. Sad news indeed, but.. BUZZ MOTHAF***IN WILLIAMS. 


I still not have fully processed this news and exactly what it means to the program but the future is bright. On behalf of Hokie fans: Thank you Whit and welcome Buzz to the Hokie Nation. Now let’s start making some tournaments.

and okay just one more:

I love you Whit :)


If you’re a student, you’ve seen Mr. Gayle around campus and know he is one huge dude. That’s when you’re first thankful that you’re not an ACC QB that faces the Hokies. He’s been putting the fear of God in opposing QBs for years now and should continue to do so for many years to come.

Mr. Gayle had a successful combine, sure, Clowney stole the DE spotlight for most of the day but Gayle showed his speed, athleticism, and power in his workouts and field drill performances. Draft scouts don’t give much of a second thought to postseason accolades (of which Gayle has numerous) but they definitely look at production and Mr. Gayle had a rather productive career. Here are some of his stats.


Now watching Gayle on the field, Hokie fans thought they would see the sack numbers a bit higher than they were but his hurries increased yearly. Gayle’s strength has always been in rushing the passer and he has always been serviceable against the run, so scouts would like to see better sack numbers. The lack of production could be for any number of reasons but I often saw and thought that Gayle could have been a bit more creative in his attack. It seemed that Gayle often overestimated his power and speed (which are exceptional) and would attempt to beat the tackle on the edge again and again. This occasionally caused him to be one dimensional and predictable.  To be a successful rusher in the league he is going to need to improve on this aspect. Against the run there are a few more question marks. During his years in Blacksburg he was ‘serviceable’ against the run but that doesn’t translate well to the league of bigger, faster backs and bigger, faster linemen. This aspect of his game has always been a head-scratcher because he is so strong and physically imposing at the DE position. This also causes concern among scouts as to whether or not he can be a 3-down player whether it is at DE or OLB.

At the combine he put up some impressive numbers as well.

Vertical 4.70 sec
#7 DL
Bench Press 26 Reps
#15 DL
Vertical Jump 37.0 in
#3 DL – right behind Clowney
Broad Jump 122.0 in
#7 DL
3 Cone Drill 7.19 sec

 Athletically speaking it is hard to poke many holes in Gayle’s game.  His measurables, as we know, are quite impressive and definitely up to NFL standards. Whether he stays at DE or makes the move to 3-4 OLB. Since he has the capability to fit either role that does seem to imply he could be a bit of a ‘tweener’ but I think it is more of a discussion that depends on the system he is drafted in to.

Athletically speaking it is hard to poke many holes in Gayle’s game.  His measurables, as we know, are quite impressive and definitely up to NFL standards. Whether he stays at DE or makes the move to 3-4 OLB. Since he has the capability to fit either role that does seem to imply he could be a bit of a ‘tweener’ but I think it is more of a discussion that depends on the system he is drafted in to.

Oh and there’s also this:

My take.

James Gayle has always been a bit of a mystery to me. He was a very good player for the Hokies but just never seemed to make that step to GREAT player. When he first became a household name in Hokie nation I thought for sure his next couple years would be even better. Sure, he improved in certain aspects of his game but it never really seemed to all come together. Some games he’d be all over the QB other games we wouldn’t hear his name. I see him coming off the board around round 3-4. I truly think that he should be considered a 3rd round talent but with the draft it really depends on where the teams are that like him and where and when players above him go. His size, speed, and athleticism are all NFL caliber, the success of his NFL career really hinges on developing into a more creative pass rusher and strengthening his play against the run. While it is a pass crazy league, it is still imperative that you defend the run well to be a 3 down player. I am tempted to draw a comparison to Jason Worilds in how I see Gayle’s career panning out. I could see him coming in and working to get on the field and improving on the areas he needs to and hopefully breaking out when all is said and done. 

There’s only so much that can be read from stats but there’s one thing that Hokie fans know for sure: James Gayle plays with a high motor, he plays violently, he plays with pride and he sure as hell plays lunch pail defense.


Well Tech fans are sure to be intrigued with the news coming out today that QB Michael Brewer from Texas Tech will be transferring to Virginia Tech for the summer session and will be eligible to play in the upcoming season.

What exactly does this mean?
• First things first, this all but guarantees that Ford and Durkin WILL Redshirt.
• R-Sr Mark Leal may never be a starter for the Hokies.
• Loeffler is always working to get the best QB talent possible.
• Etc

Before I elaborate on that though, let’s give y’all a bit of background information on Mr. Brewer. Out of HS he was a Rivals 3 star Dual Threat prospect out of Lake Travis High School in Lake Travis, Texas. His father, grandfather and uncle all played QB at Texas, his great uncle played QB at Texas Tech, and his OTHER great uncle played RB at Oklahoma. So. Football talent runs deep in the Brewer bloodlines. In High School he was part of four consecutive state championship team and his Head Coach? None other than Clemson OC Chad Morris. (Heckuva Coach). He Redshirted his Freshman year and then filled in as a backup role his next 2 years at Texas Tech. In those 2 years he had 0 starts but amassed 41/58 for 440 yards with 5 TDs 0 INTs. Of course, it’s hard to really take much from those stats, but you sure as hell can’t take anything bad away from 70% completion with a 5-0 TD-INT ratio. When he first started looking around to transfer he expressed interest in both Texas and TCU, but, the school blocked him from transferring to Big 12 schools and FBS programs in the state of Texas (Lucky us).

That’s enough about him, what about us?

So the news of adding another QB pretty much ensures that Ford and Durkin will Redshirt. Which is good news. Ford needs to put on some weight and a little strength and Durkin needs time to fine tune his game and adjust to the College game. The issue some people had before the Brewer news was that a Leal year might just be a wasted year that could be used to develop one of these young QBs, but with Brewer here for 2 years they can RS and fit into that backup role the next year and learn under him and Loeffler.

Sadly, Leal may never be the starter for Virginia Tech. This happens a lot and I would not have the heart to be a college coach and have to tell a R-Sr QB that he will never start a game for your team. Mark has given a lot to this program and did consider transferring a few times when the outlook was bleak. But he stuck with the Hokies, and unfortunately it may not pay off for him. I’ve never met the guy but from reports and friends that have met him, he is a world class guy and you really rooted for him to get his shot. He will still be right there in the competition this spring and Mr. Brewer knows he isn’t guaranteed a starting spot, but..I’m working with a gut feeling he won’t emerge from this competition.

Loeffler. Lefty. What can we say about him? He is always working to bring in QB talent. After recruiting Andrew Ford, he then managed to flip a QB recruit (Durkin) from a major program in Michigan State and has now brought in a QB from the heart of Texas. He is getting QBs to take a look at us that would never have in the past, and will hopefully develop these QBs into major talents for the Hokies program. My mancrush on Coach Loeffler is currently at an all-time high.

This means a lot of things for the Virginia Tech program. It gives us hope for next season, whether or not that hope is validated remains to be seen but damnit there is hope. For those Hokies with an inferiority complex it establishes our relevance as a program. Finally, it means this offseason is going to be a heckuva lot more interesting than we thought it would be and that’s always a good thing.

That wraps that up, leave a comment with your reaction or tweet at me on twitter @drunkengobbler or do whatever the hell you want. Check out some more resources below on Michael Brewer including his HS highlights, an interview from freshman year, and some more good stuff.

Thanks for reading.