The NFL Combine has come and gone and our beloved Hokies have been poked, prodded, questioned, and scrutinized on all aspects of their football talents. Over the next week I will be recapping the Combine for each of the former Hokies, starting with our boy Logan Thomas.
We all know Logan Thomas started rather low on most teams’ boards but is intriguing folks because of his physical attributes.

So let’s start there.

Logan KILLED it when it comes to ‘measurables’.

40 yd dash: 4.61 sec
#1 for QB
Vertical Jump: 35.5”
#1 for QB
Broad Jump: 118” (9’10”)
#1 for QB
3-cone drill 7.05 sec
#4 for QB
20 yd shuttle: 4.18 sec
#2 for QB.

Twitter was abuzz with Logan Thomas mania (Loganiacs? Logamaniacs? LT-Fever?) when he beat Mr. John Football in the 40 and led all QBs in the broad jump and vertical. The question is, where will Logan go in the draft and the answer is: Nobody has a damn clue. Analysts have been saying anywhere from a late 2nd rounder to 7th round to undrafted. Some say he’s a project QB that can be a starter if he can develop. Some say he’ll be out of the league in 4 years. Some say he has to switch to TE to have a chance. Like I said, all we know is that we don’t know.

Mike Mayock is crazy about his potential and thinks somebody will want to take a chance just on his physical ability:

Mayock has also noted that Logan has ‘lazy footwork’ but effortlessly throws a beautiful ball. Bruce Feldman thinks he’ll tempt some teams

and our good friend Kyle Bailey from the Clubhouse on SuperSports 101.7 (THIS IS A PLUG, GIVE ‘EM A LISTEN) is standing by his 2-3rd round prediction

Heck even Mel Kiper weighed in saying a possible 2nd or 3rd round pick but has also been adamant that he will end up at TE

I know all of us are rooting for him to figure out his footwork, get his mechanics down and read defenses better so he can have a long career as a QB and with the right coaching I believe he can. The one thing that most analysts agree on is that somebody is going to want to take a chance on him because of his Cam Newton/Andrew Luck-like size, speed and agility. The fact of the matter is there are no true franchise QBs in this draft, each one is a project in some way. With his physical attributes I think it could be argued he was one of the highest, if not THE highest, ceilings of all QBs in the draft.

Needless to say Logan surely helped his draft stock with his performance at the Combine and will have the opportunity to help himself a bit more if he shows well at the VT Pro Day. (Still trying to find the date for that)

My Take:

If you ask me, I think he goes around the 3rd, possibly 4th, but as always the draft is unpredictable. The mantra “all it takes is 1 team to fall in love” fits but take that with a grain of salt, there are teams that have him graded at 2 or 3, others around 6 or 7. He has the physical tools but hasn’t shown the consistency or accuracy that is NFL caliber. He can make all of the throws but also miss all of the throws. Nothing new, we all know this. Hundreds of picks flop each year and with new rookie deals signing a flop isn’t as bad as it used to be. Draft picks are an investment and if a team puts the proper work into Logan as an investment it could really pay off for them.  And just one quick note: Yes, he was recruited as a TE but has only ever played a few snaps at the position. He was a QB/WR in high school and only ever lined up as WR a couple times in college (caught one beautiful 2 yd fade for a TD against Wake Forest) he was never a TE. But, his physical attributes compared to TEs in the league and in the draft serve to help owners ‘hedge their bets’ if you will because, although he says he is and will be a QB, he is smart and will do what is best for him and if that means moving to TE I believe he will heed that advice.  So Hokies, lets root for Mr. Thomas because we’ll know he’ll continue to work hard and make use proud in the league however he can.
Yours Drunkenly,

Mr. Drunken Gobbler III


9/6/2010. Chick Fil A kick off game. Boise State vs. Virginia Tech. Fed Ex field.

The game didn’t end so well for the Hokies but viewers  across the country were tuned in to see the matchup and to see the Hokies debut their Black Nike Pro Combat uniforms.

They have not been worn since.

Frankly, there was never an appropriate time to until this upcoming season when the Hokies will take on UVA on Black Friday in Blacksburg. Can I make it any more obvious? Bring back the Black!

I first saw @HokieBlackUni pop up on twitter the very day of the schedule release, tweeting at old Hokies and new Hokies alike trying to get momentum for the Black Uni Campaign. I admired his enthusiasm and the support he seemed to gather right off the bat so I asked him to join me for a quick interview about the campaign.

The Drunken Gobbler: I don’t think it’s a stretch that most tech fans would like to see us rock the black unis again but none of them have gone to the lengths you have to get it going, what made you choose to do this?

Black Uni Campaign: Honestly, I was, and am a giant proponent of having the alternative uniform. I know a lot of old school fans don’t dig it, with it messing with tradition and all, but I love how literally everyone is talking about uniforms (good or bad) the next day. There is no such thing as bad press, right?

DG: Other than looking incredibly badass what benefits do you think the team could get from wearing the unis on a national tv game? (i.e. recruiting, marketing, etc.)

BUC: Well, it’s honestly a win all the way around. The fans get an awesome uniform to look at (and buy) which goes hand in hand directly with athletics (they need a taste and get it) and when we wear them outside of the game, people see that. Recruits see that, and double takes happen.

DG: How do you think the black unis should be used, as a regular part of our rotation? Only for “special” games such as Black Friday or what? In a perfect world, it gets a special one off.

BUC: Black isn’t technically a part of our school colors, and by no means do I want to become the Oregon of the East, but a once a year special uniform would be fantastic. It would also help greatly to pull someone in who has the hearts of Hokies in mind. We have all seen the abysmal attempt at our uniform combinations.

DG: In the same vein as the last question. Do you think we need to use the 2010 Black unis or are you open to a new Alternate black uni being developed?

BUC: In my mind’s eye, I’ve envisioned a lot of uniform combinations. With our color scheme (maroon looks a lot like black from faraway) it’s hard to meld the colors and have them look right, so, with that I’d love to see something along the lines of Baylor’s uniform. They sport a dark green and gold combo, so black with maroon and orange piping, etc. the coups de gras is of course a maroon or orange chrome helmet.

DG: I know you started your account Jan 22nd   when the ACC schedule was released and the Black Friday game was announced, since then you’ve tweeted over 500 times and gained 340+ followers. What makes this such a big goal of yours? Do you plan on keeping this going all the way until next November?

BUC: Honestly, feel I’m not in the minority of fans who like the special uniforms. I wanted a way to get this out and since we live in a social media savvy universe, it was the easiest way I figured. I can’t take all of the credit credit, I’ve got two people who are helping me out immensely as this grows. @no1hokiefanatic and @hokiemaroonuni are both super vital, we’re planning a Facebook along with prizes. We are all ready to take this to the limit, including giving up some very prized Hokie possessions once we start our contests.

DG: Have you reached out to anybody in the athletics office about the idea? Whit Babcock, etc? Do you plan to? Or are you hoping the campaign will take over twitter and be impossible for the coaches/front office to ignore?

BUC: I’d love to, but every time I think about it, I cringe at the thought. AD Babcock isn’t even on the job yet and I’m sure the last thing he’d want to see is a grass roots campaign. I’ve been lucky enough to get in (twitter wise) with such fantastic past Hokies such as Jason Worilds and Jack Tyler to future Hokies CJ Reavis, Andrew Ford, Melvin Keihn and Chris “Durkis” Durkin. I feel that I do follow the twitter accounts that need to be followed but I’m still very naive to how this works. It’s very hard to get your word heard and not bug people. (2 times the account was suspended due to me being…overzealous)

DG: Finally, In what way can we here at Drunken Gobbler or any other fans help the cause?

BUC: Well. In a perfect world, we would have BillDozer and Mstrawther make a video, Clark Ruhland build a uniform, you to be our scribe on it and 70 thousand plus followers including both TechSideLine and TheKeyPlay being integral parts. That may or may not happen, but in the mean time, just know I appreciate all the followers. I get bummed when someone unfollows, but we are trying to curb that. The future is bright, and you never know who might read this, so just stay tuned. It is February and we will start pulling out some inventive ideas to let the folks who make decisions know we are here and for real. We will have a presence at the Spring Game and all of the North Carolina away games along with a few at Lane. I’d like to build a tailgate and just get folks on board. If we make this happen, I’ll probably get a free jersey, and I know EVERYONE wants that. :)

I’d like to thank Black Uni Campaign (@HokieBlackUni) for joining me to talk about the campaign and I hope the Hokies out there that do support the cause continue to show support. With all of the disastrous “alternate” uniform and helmet combinations we’ve seen through the years I’d like for Hokie Nation to support the best one. Recruits love ’em, the media loves ’em, football fans from every team and conference love ’em and they just help get our name out there. I’ve attached a poll, go ahead and give us your opinion on the campaign and how you feel about any and all alternate uniforms we’ve worn. Keep your eyes posted on the site and twitter for updates on the campaign and all the different ways we will be getting involved with helping.

Thanks for reading and as always…

Your drunken guide to all things Hokie,

Drunken Gobbler


The Hokies picked up a commitment from another DC cornerback, their third commitment of the 2015 class. DuWayne Johnson. Johnson is from Woodson in DC making him the second DC commit of the ‘15 class. He is a 3 star CB listed at 6’1” 160 lbs listed as the #8 prospect from DC for the 2015 cycle. He is also the second commitment this cycle for Aaron Moorehead and Torrian Gray, as Coach Amo continues to kill it in the DMV.


Aside from the incredible name, Johnson brings a lot to the table. He is listed as an 86 making him a 3 star prospect. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Johnson outside of watching his Junior highlights a half dozen times but let’s see what I can tell y’all. My first impression from his film was that he has the potential to be a Kyle Fuller type CB. Now that is obviously very high praise for a Junior in high school, but I think he has a lot of potential and could possibly earn a 4th star when all is said and done.

What I see in Johnson’s film is an athletic corner with very solid open field tackling. In the 2013 season he racked up 75 tackles 4 picks and 18 PBUs. He’s listed at 6’1” 160 by 247sports so he has the height and if he wants to try to add a 4th star, putting on weight should help. At his current weight he plays solid on the corner and isn’t afraid to make a hit in the open field. I draw the comparison to Fuller for this very reason.

Go ahead and give his film a watch on Hudl (links below) and see for yourself. Needless to say, this is a big addition to the 2015 class and everybody in Hokie Nation should be thrilled to have another solid corner committed to DBU.

DuWayne Johnson Junior Highlights

Been on my Photoshop/Illustrator grind tryin’ to get some wallpapers out before the weekend. The Decade of Dominance wallpaper is perfect for embarrassing your UVa friend who is STILL talking about Andrew Brown and Quin Blanding. The Commonwealth Cup may be something that they don’t recognize but you can’t blame them for that.


Decade of Dominance


Available Sizes


To whom it may concern,

As I slowly rocked back and forth on the metal bleachers in the North End Zone a sound enters my ears that immediately fills me with anger and rage.

Stick it innnn *Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap* Stick it innnn *Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap*”

No. No. Incorrect. Stop. Stop it now. No. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Why did this anger me so? It was the biggest butchering of the “Stick it in” chant. It was insulting. It was disturbing. I can’t begin to describe everything I felt when I heard it. Fast forward to about a week ago when Whit Babcock took to the podium as Virginia Tech’s newest Athletic Director. Jim Weaver brought a lot to the school and to the program. However, his success and career wasn’t without some low points that brought about some resentment from the Hokie faithful. Not the least of which was his decision to ban the band from playing the “Stick it in” chant when the Hokies were knocking on the door at the goal line.

When? Why?

I was floored when I heard the chant had been banned. It was a crime. That fateful day came in the fall of 2007 at the behest of students, fans and athletes alike. The decision was not completely Weaver’s. Larry Hincker, Associate Vice President University Relations, was also critical of the chant and offered support to its banning. Many reasons were offered as to why it was banned. It conflicted with the newly generated “Hokies Respect” campaign. The university was “under the microscope” after what had happened in April. It was lewd, crude and offended both small children and older adults alike. To be completely frank, my interest is not in delving too far into the depths of why the chant was banned and more in why we need it back.

“Hokies Respect” “Program under a microscope” “Lewd behavior”

Courtesy of alumni.vt.edu

Courtesy of alumni.vt.edu

This campaign has a large number of constituents on either side of the argument. Some love it. Some (me) hate it. “Oh noooo, how could you hate respecccttttt, you’re awfullll” No. I don’t hate respect. I am a very respectful fan. I hate being told to be respectful. To me, it’s like a parent who constantly hovers over your shoulder and makes sure you’re behaving. Do the fans change because there are signs plastered around the stadium and the track coach reads us a speech about sportsmanship? I don’t think so. The Hokie fans have always been welcoming and respectful to opposing fans and visitors.

I understand the thought that the school was under a microscope but does banning the students’ favorite chant help the school heal? Does it help the students heal? No. Flat out, no. The school will forever be linked to that event, we can’t change that fact. We can only provide an environment in which students aren’t reminded of this. An environment where they can get adequately drunk , jump around to Metallica and (hopefully) see their beloved Hokies run their opponent off the field.

Now is this chant too obscene for children and adults alike? Eh, maybe?  I’ve been attending games since I was a little tyke. Was I scarred by the obscene gestures of the students in the North End Zone? No. I would jump around excitedly screaming “Stick it in, Stick it in, Stick it in” I loved it. I understand this argument but think that it doesn’t merit banning of the chant.

What do I propose?

We can all agree that right now the program is missing something. The students seem disengaged, the sellout streak is over. With Whit Babcock being announced as the new Athletic director, we are at an important moment in our history. I spent this past season in the North End Zone and saw some of the most shameful displays of fanhood I have ever seen inside of Lane. Students aren’t paying attention to the game, I’m sure half of them don’t even realize when the team gets to the red zone. The “Stick it in” chant brings electricity to the fans, when you hear that iconic drum sequence your ears perk up. If you weren’t previously looking at the game, you sure as hell are now. I’m not blind to those issues that caused the chant to be banned. I don’t have a specific solution but something as simple as dropping the hip thrusting could please all parties. While I will miss Jim Weaver for everything he has done for the school and for the program, I strongly hope that Mr. Babcock listens to the pleas. In the words of the infamous and musically untalented Pitbull, “Bring it bring it back, bring it bring it bring it back.”

Courtesy of the Campus Emporium

Courtesy of the Campus Emporium

Yours inebriatedly,


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For those who, for some reason, are unaware of the chant… here is a youtube video I found of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTWmFpyPZnE